in-person training + online coaching = even better results

What IS Best of Both Bolt ON?

Best of Both Bolt On is Online Personal Training running alongside In Person Personal Training. 

The service came about after successfully training hundreds of people both in person and online.

However a number of problems arose, some welcome, some not so much:

  • I only have so many hours in the day to train people and demand became more than I could cope with.
  • The most in demand time slots are limited – eg, 6-9am, 5-9pm.
  • Many people who knew about Cross Functional Fitness expressed an interest in training with me but lived too far away.
  • Some clients progressed so much that they simply didn’t need to see me as often in person but still wanted expert workout programming, accountability and authenticity that comes with it.
  • Some online clients found online training very helpful for getting results but felt they needed someone on hand from time to time to push them and remain accountable to.

All of these reasons combined to create Best of Both Bolt On that is available to you today.

  • I’m able to help you even more in between sessions by providing you with the support you need.
  • It means clients who live further away only have to travel to me once per week (or even once per month if necessary.)
  • It provides the added level of accountability for clients who want to train online but need that extra push and watchful eye.

How can it Benefit you?

  • It improves training consistency and training frequency.
  • It’s more flexible for you.
  • I can provide you with more of the advice, support and expertise you need outside of “session time” without eating into training time.
  • It increases accountability and helps you to keep on track.
  • It allows you to take control of your workouts.
  • It’s less expensive for you.

Access the app

The app will enable you to store your lifts, weights used, reps completed, sets, times etc. It will also contain any meal plans you might need and you can sync it to MyFitnessPal, FitBit, MyZone and other tracking apps.

Regular check ins

Now you can benefit from your personal trainer outside your in-person session time to help you keep on track, answer your questions and give you the most value possible.

Take control of your workouts

Best of Both is designed to enable you to take control of your workouts and get the very most from them, even when I'm not beside you in the gym. You can build the confidence and motivation to hit the gym and perform workouts on your own which will get you closer to your goal even faster.

Instant Messenger Support

Instant Messenger Support means you can keep in regular contact with me and I can help solve any problems you might have rather than having to wait until you see me again .

Case studies

Stuart knows his stuff! he will design a programme specifically for your needs with realistic goals in mind and help you achieve them safely in a non- intimidating and friendly environment. Since starting my training back in May I have noticed a great improvement in my overall fitness and have become a much better runner with thankfully no injuries or niggling pains anymore🙆‍♀️. Also have developed back muscles which I never knew existed and in general feel more confident lifting weights. Before I used to go into the gym and lift mindlessly after watching a few YouTube videos now I feel I have a better understanding of how and why to lift. Great gym
Mary Kate Arthurs
In Person Client
I have been training with Stuart at Cross Functional Fitness for over 18 months now, both PT sessions with my wife and the Total Body Toning Classes. PT sessions have been great, tailored to what we want, every session is different and enjoyable. The Total Body Toning Classes are unique in the industry and cater for everyone’s needs in the class - the craic is always good too!! Stuart is dedicated to providing a professional gym experience, he is knowledgable and passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend.
David Craughwell
In Person Client
Currently training for Dublin City marathon, been going to cross functional fitness for a few months now, and will be continuing to go, for all you RUNNERS out there, this is where you need to be! I have to say Stuart, has been absolutely brilliant in helping me with strength and conditioning, and all over knowledge in fitness and nutrition! He takes the time and goes to great efforts to tailor a work out suited to YOU and your GOALS, Top place and top personal trainer
Caoimhe Sherry
In Person Client
I've just completed my 3 months online programme & I'm more than satisfied for a lot of reasons. In 3 months my measurements are changed: from 69 cm (27 inches) to the current 63/64 cm (25 inches) & this the most significant change. I also lost some weight but not too much cos this was not (& it is not) my main goal & I'm sure that what I lost in fat, I gained in muscles (In fact I have some centimeters more on legs & arms). I'm not obsessed with the scale & I prefer to take measurements. I feel that I'm stronger now & even my resistance is a lot better than before the programme. Coach Stuart gave me new workouts every week & I've never felt bored. It's been hard, folks!!! & I had to pay attention to my diet too, cos you can't reach your goals if you don't eat properly. Stuart Thompson helped me also in this, giving me good tips whenever I asked him for them. This was the second time I followed a Programme of Crossfunctional fitness (the first one, last summer) so I'm happy to recommend it to anyone. Never give up! It's really worthy... it's something you can do not just for your body, but even for your mind... for your health. I'm 41 & I love aging well. So... thx Stuart! Thx Crossfunctional Fitness!!!
Maristella Davoli
Online Client

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