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Athlete Assessment

Before starting a training programme at Cross Functional Fitness, you will undergo a brief but important assessment which can help determine the some important aspects of your training programme.

Improving Performance

- Mobility work - Strength and power development - Improving Vertical and Broad Jump height - Speed and agility - Core, hip, and shoulder strength and stability - Recovery protocols

Reducing Injury Rate

Reduce your chances of picking up injuries so you can continue to play and train instead of sitting on the site lines. Build strong, stable and robust shoulders, hips and core.

Nutritional Coaching

Improve your performances and manage your weight using all of the resources available including meal plans, calorie and macro calculations.

Understanding gaelic and functional training

In recent years, I’ve been privileged to work with a number of gaelic players who required my help to become better at their sport. 

While I’m not able to help you improve your ball skills, I am able to provide training which is directly relevant to your sport and you as an individual.

Many trainers simply don’t understand the training requirements of gaelic football. 

Gaelic is a multi-directional sport, played at intermittent intensities that includes various physical challenges and involves almost every energy system being tested. 

My job is to train you to be as robust and resilient as possible for the level you play at while considering your own bio mechanics, physical traits and injury history.

Gaelic involves running, throwing, catching, jumping, kicking, punching and stopping among other challenges. 

In order to do all of these well, you need to develop strengths in a wide range of areas. 

However, training at Cross Functional Fitness is designed to improve your performances and not just your basic level of strength.

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