Introducing Semi Private Personal Training

In the past number of months I’ve had to decline working with potential new clients due to there simply not being enough workable hours in the day.

Session times are fully booked (which I’m very grateful for) and I couldn’t find any spare hours in the day.

In order to overcome this, beginning on Monday 5th August, Cross Functional Fitness is introducing Semi Private Personal Training between the hours of 7 – 9am and 6 – 8pm. You can book in for this using the online booking system where you can book your sessions for up to 4 weeks in advance.

What is Semi-Private Personal Training?

Semi-private personal training involves small group training sessions for up to 4 people where I coach you through your own training programme.

Your programme is carefully put together to ensure that it will effectively help you reach your goals safely without wasting any of your valuable time.

If you aren’t super fit to start with, no worries. Although Semi Private Training is in a small group format I will be there to ensure you go at a pace that is suitable to you.

How can Semi Private Personal Training Benefit you?

Here are just a few ways.

More Effective Sessions = Better Results

Semi private personal training sessions are organised so that all clients receive a personal training workout. The programme you follow is unique tailored to your own personal goals and level of ability.

Have More Fun

Having other like minded people along side you while training, is much more fun than going it alone. It can also be great fun to come together as a group at the end of some sessions for conditioning and core work.

More Cost Effective

Would you prefer to pay around £90 per week or £45? Semi Private Personal Training means you can have 3 sessions each week for a a cost that is much more sustainable long term for most people.

Get More Training Sessions In

As said above, you can get more Semi Private Personal Training Sessions for the same cost as One to One Personal Training. This means you can now train more frequently with a coach at your side.

More time with a personal trainer is only going to enhance your results.

Join an Exciting New Tribe

At Cross Functional Fitness, there are over 45 clients and class members which creates a fantastic family / social feel to the facility which I’m incredibly thankful for.

Small Group Training allows you to enjoy fantastic new relationships with your gym partners and benefit from their experience as well as your trainer’s.

Booking Flexibility

Semi Private Group Sessions are available;

Monday: 7am, 8am, 6pm and 7pm

Tuesday: 7am, 8am, 7pm

Thursday: 7am, 8am, 7pm

Friday: 7am, 8am, 5pm

Saturday: 9am, 10am

With the online booking system, you can see where there are free slots and book in at times that suits you best.

Build New Friendships

If you ask the members of Cross Functional Fitness what’s the best thing about it – The atmosphere and banter will likely be up there. Cross Functional Fitness isn’t a normal gym and you can sense the friendship and support from everyone whenever you attend.

Added Motivation

Training with others who are like minded is extremely motivating. Seeing others who are just like you hit their workouts hard, stay focused and inspired will help keep you on track when you’re just not feeling it.

Still not sure about training with others?

I get it.

If you’re currently not used to training in small groups it might feel a bit scary. But if you ask anyone who has tried it, they actually prefer to train with others now over One to One training.

Are you interested in coming down and trying a session? You get to experience the first one absolutely FREE!

Drop me a message and I’ll be happy to arrange one for you.