Our Small Group Personal Training has become very popular recently, and for good reason; it offers the results and benefits of 1-1 Personal Training – but at half the cost! It isn’t just the value for money that makes it a great option. There are many other aspects of it which help you get the most out of your training sessions and results to follow


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  • Camaradarie

Working out with others is quite simply more fun than than going it alone! In order to keep your enthusiasm, commitment and motivation high, its so important that you enjoy your fitness. If you enjoy it the results will come naturally out of that process.  Training with others allows you to have fun with your others. Put simply, small group personal training can make training much more fun – which can’t be a bad thing!

  • motivation

Training as part of a small group will help to keep you motivated – when you see the effort and level of performance others are putting in it automatically raises your level too. This is a benefit that you just don’t have when training on your own with your personal trainer. While a Personal Trainer can give you advice, expertise and knowledgeable insight, they can’t do the work for you. You are responsible for the level of performance you put in. Also, as an added bonus, if you’re the one who is progressing faster than others in the group, it’s going to make your training more enjoyable and make it feel more worthwhile. This helps to motivate you to keep working hard. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

  • friendly competition

Training with others allows you to compare your level of fitness, personal goals and achievements against other group members. This means that rather than work towards your own personal goals in isolation, you have a reliable and highly informative method of measuring your success against that of your peers – this helps you to be realistic and honest about how you are progressing and whether or not you are putting in the required amount of commitment to your training and nutritional programme!

  • personal attention

In some classes there can be as many as 30-40 people at one time so there is little chance for the instructor to give you close personal attention. Small group personal training has between 2-4 people taking part at any one time so the personal trainer is able to offer you personalised advice as you train to help you reach your own individual fitness goals, keep you safe and ensure effectiveness. In larger classes you can hide, but in small group personal training there is nowhere to hide – this means you’ll be more motivated to push yourself even harder!

  • cost effective

If you want to get hit your goals but 1-1 Personal Training is just out of your budget, Small Group Personal Training is the perfect option. You can get started on a package for as little as £54 per person.

  • accountability

When training in a small group personal training programme, you are automatically taking a big step towards building more accountability into your training programme – which is one of the most helpful things you can do. Not only do you have the personal trainer monitoring your progress and encouraging you when needed – you also benefit from having the others seeing your progress and giving you an extra little push exactly when you need it the most! Again this is another win-win situation for everyone in the group and another reason why small group personal training can be such an effective means of achieving your training goals.

What some clients have said ...

"I have been going to Stuart this past 9 months and I have loved every minute of it. I loved the fact that I was training on my own with no pressure from others around me. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone thinking of starting a personal trainer as he is very good at his job and knows how to make every session different yet geared to your needs and ability."
Emma Donaghy
Small Group Personal Training Client
"Having spent the last 9 months personal training with Stuart at Cross Functional Fitness, I can safely say I would highly recommend him as a PT. He genuinely cares and has great passion for his job. Each session is different, yet tailored to ensure you meet your goals. Sessions are engaging and progress/form is monitored closely throughout. Stuart is very knowledgeable about all things fitness and nutrition related and incorporates and passes this on during sessions"
Lisa Gorman
Small Group Personal Training Client

Friends don't let friends get fit alone

Get fit, change your body, have fun and share the cost.