How does Best of Both Work?

Best of Both is a hybrid programme which includes in-person personal training sessions alongside online coaching. You perfect your technique and form with me and then you get to put it into practice on your own before our next session together.

This helps establish independence, responsibility and confidence in your own ability to exercise while getting all the help, support, experience and expertise of in person personal training to help you hit your goals and get results faster and for longer.

How does Best of Both benefit me?

It improves training consistency and training frequency.

It’s less expensive for you.

It’s more flexible for you.

I can provide you with more of the advice, support and expertise you need outside of “session time” without eating into training time.

It increases accountability and helps you to keep on track.

It allows you to take control of your workouts.

What’s included in Best of Both?

Best of Both Bolt On runs alongside your current package. It should reduce your costs while still getting expert coaching and quality results.

For example, if you currently come to me 2 times per week but would like to train 3 or 4 times, now you can for a fraction of the cost of in person sessions.

Or maybe you’re currently training with me in person 3 times each week. You could opt to drop this down to 1 or 2 in person sessions instead and with the Best of Both Bolt On, I’ll still be coaching you through your workouts even when I’m not physically there for 1 or 2 more workouts each week.

How did the idea come about?

Best of Both Personal Bolt On came about after successfully training hundreds of people both in person and online.

However a number of problems arose, some welcome, some not so much:

I only have so many hours in the day to train people and demand became more than I could cope with.
The most in demand time slots are limited – eg, 6-9am, 5-9pm.
Many people who knew about Cross Functional Fitness expressed an interest in training with me but lived too far away.
Some clients progressed so much that they simply didn’t need to see me as often in person but still wanted expert workout programming, accountability and authenticity that comes with it.
Some online clients found online training very helpful for getting results but felt they needed someone on hand from time to time to push them and remain accountable to.
All of these reasons combined to create Best of Both Personal Training that is available to you today.

It frees up my time to be able to help you even more in between sessions by providing you the support you need.
It means clients who live quite far away only have to travel to me once per week (or less if need be.)
It gives the added level of accountability clients who want to train online but need that extra push and watchful eye.

I’m not good with technology, does that matter?

Great news! Me either! And you don’t need to be amazing with technology to get the most out of the Best of Both Bolt On. Whether you use the app or the mobile optimised website you can’t go wrong.

And if you’re really having trouble, I’ve provided some quick training videos to help you navigate you round it.

You’ll be a dab hand in no time. If you’re really stuck, you can always drop me a message or email, or I can guide you through during in-person sessions.

How does Best of Both differ from normal Personal Training?

With this style of training, I’ll not only work with you in person but also online.

Between your face to face sessions with me, you’ll stay connected through online training, prescribed workouts, nutrition goal tasks, check-ins, and instant message support through a free app which I’ll give you your own private access to.

With Best of Both you get the face time you want or need, and you receive expert workout programming, coaching accountability between your sessions to help you get great results without necessarily coming to me as frequently as strictly in-person training packages.

I don’t live nearby, can Best of Both still help me?

One of the great things about Best of Both is it allows those who are further away to still benefit from the expertise of Personal Training as well as the independence that comes from Online Training.

If you live further away I would suggest coming for a Face to Face session with me less frequently to save you travelling.

Perhaps once per month would be enough alongside your online programme which I’m always at hand to help with anyway.

Can I still do Best of Both if I’ve no equipment or gym membership?

In short, YES! One of the benefits of Best of Both is you get to use my equipment during your in-person sessions with me and I’ll programme workouts for you to do which utilise what ever equipment you have, or don’t have.