Below is what some of our past and present clients have said about Cross Functional Fitness …
Andrew Clements – 2nd February 2017fitness-1208141_1920

“Stuart guided me in exercise in the gym and put together an exercise program to do at home that required very little equipment. The difference I noticed after just a few weeks was massive. The simple fact is, if you follow Stuart’s advice and put in the work, this time next year you will not regret starting now.” 

Barry McCoy – 28th January 2017

“First time visitor to Stuart’s place this morning, had an excellent workout. Will definitely be back.”

Paula McCoy – 28th January 2017

“Thanks for a fantastic workout this morning we both really enjoyed it. Fantastic facilities will definitely be back.”

Gemma Smyth – 1st February 2017

“I had a 2 week fitness plan drawn up and was really good. Pushed me hard and was only 15 minutes. Easy to fit in to a busy day too… Definitely be back :)”

Kate Rooney – 8th April 2017

“First session today. Really enjoyed it. Not like other gyms in a good way. Felt challenged but supported. Look forward to next session. Give Cross Functional Fitness, Warrenpoint a try. Highly recommend”

Ryan McIlroy – 20th June 2017

“Just finished a 3 month 1 to 1 programme and honestly the time and effort Stuart puts into each session for you is great! Good advice given in each session, pushes you to do your best at each exercise and helps you develop new techniques! If anyone is looking to get back into shape give this man a shout.”

Jane McAleenan – 5th September 2017

“I really enjoyed my time in Cross Functional Fitness and will be returning again. Great to help get pushed further every session to do things you never thought you’d be able to”

Gareth Caulfield – September 2017

“Had a great experience training with Stuart. Most caring PT I have trained with and he tailors plans to suit YOU! Highly recommend Cross Functional Fitness and will definitely be back in the near future.”

Simon McMahon – 7th October 2017

“I highly recommend Cross Functional Fitness! Not all personal trainers are the same but Stuart is one you can trust to always have your best interests at heart as he genuinely cares. The training is always engaging, which keeps every session interesting & it effectively gets results!”

Caoimhe Sherry – 11th October 2017

“Currently training for Dublin City marathon, been going to cross functional fitness for a few months now, and will be continuing to go, for all you RUNNERS out there, this is where you need to be! I have to say Stuart, has been absolutely brilliant in helping me with strength and conditioning, and all over knowledge in fitness and nutrition! He takes the time and goes to great efforts to tailor a work out suited to YOU and your GOALS, Top place and top personal trainer”

Pamela Ryan – 5th March 2018

“I was very apprehensive about going to the gym, Stuart was brilliant. A great PT and a great gym to train in. He was very patient and knowledgeable, would highly recommend him.”

Grainne Delahunt – 4th April 2018

“Loving our sessions with Stuart at Cross Functional. As an older person I was initially worried that I wdnt be able to keep up or that it would be too difficult. This was happily not the case. Stuart is professional and very knowledgable and I trust his expertise. He gives great tips on nutrition and is always so encouraging.”

Lisa Gorman – 6th June 2018

“Having spent the last 9 months personal training with Stuart at Cross Functional Fitness, I can safely say I would highly recommend him as a PT. He genuinely cares and has great passion for his job. Each session is different, yet tailored to ensure you meet your goals. Sessions are engaging and progress/form is monitored closely throughout. Stuart is very knowledgeable about all things fitness and nutrition related and incorporates and passes this on during sessions.”

Emma Donaghy – 13th June 2018

“I have been going to Stuart this past 9 months and I have loved every minute of it. I loved the fact that I was training on my own with no pressure from others around me. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone thinking of starting a personal trainer as he is very good at his job and knows how to make every session different yet geared to your needs and ability.”

Anna Delahunt – 30th July 2018

“Having spent a couple of months at Cross Functional Fitness, I have learnt so much and my mindset towards fitness has completely changed !. As a person who never had the confidence to go to the weight section in the gym, and struggled with body image issues, Stuart body positive approach to fitness was truly refreshing. Although I travel a lot and dont get as many sessions as I would like, the take home workouts which ive been given are easy to do and help me to keep on track. The skills I have learnt and the new attitude and approach to fitness I have gained is invaluable. Couldn’t recommend Cross Functional Fitness enough !!”

Bernie Sherry – 3rd August 2018

“As a woman of more mature years ie “ nearly 60” I cannot recommend Stuart enough. I very reluctantly went to my first session filled with dread. I instantly felt at ease and thoroughly enjoyed my session, so much so that I am still going weekly 2 years later. Stuart has a great knowledge of working with older clients and tailors each session to individuals needs. Honestly highly highly recommend Stuart, he has done wonders for my mobility.”

Ruairi Heatley – 17 November 2018

“Great place to train . Every week the training is different, total comfortable environment and Stuart genuinely wants you to get something from each session – a top trainer and good guy. Couldn’t recommend Cross-functional enough! So glad I made the decision to start, instead of sitting on the couch thinking about it.”


Mary-Kate – 22nd November 2018

“Stuart knows his stuff!he will design a programme specifically for your needs with realistic goals in mind and help you achieve them safely in a non- intimidating and friendly environment. Since starting my training back in May I have noticed a great improvement in my overall fitness and have become a much better runner with thankfully no injuries or niggling pains anymore🙆‍♀️. Also have developed back muscles which I never knew existed and in general feel more confident lifting weights. Before I used to go into the gym and lift mindlessly after watching a few YouTube videos now I feel I have a better understanding of how and why to lift. Great gym👍”

David Craughwell – 20th March 2019

I have been training with Stuart at Cross Functional Fitness for over 18 months now, both PT sessions with my wife and the Total Body Toning Classes. PT sessions have been great, tailored to what we want, every session is different and enjoyable. The Total Body Toning Classes are unique in the industry and cater for everyone’s needs in the class – the craic is always good too!! Stuart is dedicated to providing a professional gym experience, he is knowledgable and passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend.

Angela Trainor – 31st July 2019

“I’d like to thank you for all your help and support. I would highly recommend Cross Functional Fitness. when I first started I was shocked at the amount of food I could eat. 20 years ago I lost 5 stone which was great at the time but rather than going on a diet I wished I’d started with a personal trainer as you get to eat some of the foods you were told never to eat. It’s been great and super proud to have achieved so much. Thanks again Stuart.”